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Executive summary

Pick MyTravel is a complete travel and tourism service provided as a web application by iotroztech. Tourism industry has become a significant part of a countries revenue More than ever before in history. The trade and business involved in the travel and tourism industry is deciding factor of a countries growth in the modern economy. iotroztech envisioned to provide seamless integration of all the travel and tourism needs at one place. In modern times people prefer all services integrated in one place. We have combined all common travel and tourism needs at one place through this portal.


Pick MyTravel is a travel is complete tourism portal web application where user book tickets for Flight, Hotel, Bus tickets using payment gateway which suggests a travel plan based on user preferences.User must be able to create accounts and login to avail special offers and loyalty benefits. Should provide both B2B and B2C booking services.The user interface must be designed with ease-of-use as priority. Customizable profiles is to be provided for both user side web application and admin side application. Must have a Responsive design which is compatible on all types of devices. SMS and E-mail invoices and alerts to be provided for every booking.


Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur.


We designed & developed a travel portal integrated with Booking Engine and gateways to travel affiliates. The travel portal provides B2C solution for online users to perform search based on their requirements and pick the service, seat selection and payment method to complete transaction. It also provides gateways to B2B consolidation systems to integrate travel affiliates to provide access to reservation and purchase of tickets, in real time. The portal simplifies the creation and management of travel agencies for B2B sites. A website to enable the customers to book their tickets online and also to avail the facility of searching the availability of seats. We ensures that the web site effectively communicates your brand and enables you to sell more. Integrated Internet Booking Engine which could be used by the customers to book their travel tickets. We also Provide B2B gateways to Agents, Affiliates and aggregation website, who can sell their services. Advanced operational control when working with online customer via B2C access and with Agents, via B2B access like closing online booking few hours before the travel date or cancellation policy for agents. Full backend system to maintain user groups, routes, route fares, accounts, transaction, payments, trips and packages, boarding passes and ticket details.