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Business Models

Business Models


NBD – Taxi is a full featured taxi booking and aggregation software this has three systems seamlessly integrated to provide taxi booking services to customers...

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Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Model

To attend the diverse needs of the global clients, Notebookdata offers highly flexible Offshore Development Centre (ODC). This ODC is an extension of our company that will directly operate under the client's instructions and the team is managed by us.

  • Value for Money
  • Dedicated Team
  • Measurable
  • Complete Control
  • Best Communication

In this value-for-money model, a dedicated team of professionals (account manager, project manager(s), development team, support team)-under Notebookdata-is allotted that works exclusively on the clients web application or project to provide an entire set of development services for one, many, or all of your software projects.

This model enables the client to have a control over the human resource as well as the technical infrastructure of the company. This feature empowers the client to have highly qualified team specifically working on their projects and its emerging requirements. The infrastructure facilities and the dedicated team are provided for a specific pre-determined duration and on a fixed cost.

The ODC model is an excellent option for the clients as it fosters the level of flexibility, transparency and measurability. This engagement model from Notebookdata is highly beneficial to clients, as a dedicated team will strictly focus on their project thereby reducing its operational cost

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Software is the expression of human excellence in finding intelligent solutions for genuine problems and complex tasks that are eminent in the modern world. We provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a challenging world. We dream to be the pioneer in changing the day to day life of a common man and creating a big revolution in the digital world. This dream inspired us to create Noteboook Data in the year 2009. We speak the language of code to create practical solutions for real time industrial requirements.

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