IoT Edge Implementation

The edge of the IoT is where the action is.

In Notebookdata we have technologists who have a clear understanding of edge architecture and how information is both gathered from devices and communicated.

Expand the usage of enterprise grade IoT platform to convert it into true business value.

Our IoT consulting and IoT Implementation Services encompass a range of services including identifying business outcomes for IoT projects, architecture definition, custom application development, integration and testing services.

With due focus to security considerations for IoT implementations, we help clients focus on expanding usage of enterprise grade IoT platform to convert into true business value.

Our IOT services

Notebookdata provides a fully integrated enterprise solution designed from the ground up for the Internet of things

The Internet of Things can mean many things for different businesses. We make sure IoT + Data science is used correctly to meet your business goals, from Decreasing costs, by improving and automating processes to utilizing data science to make better business decisions.

Our visual IOT application enables you to rapidly design, connect and deploy powerful IOT applications, saving you a tremendous amount of time and costs to go to market. Be able to make rapid changes on the fly, as the data flows in.

Our Simulation tool enables you to understand a system’s behavior without actually testing the system in the real world. Useful insights about different decisions in this phase saves a huge amount of time, and eliminates the risk of mistakes in the real world.

Developing insight into real time IOT data can be difficult. To solve this challenge, we apply machine learning algorithms to “learn” information directly from data without assuming a predetermined equation as a model.

Adaptively improve the performance as you increase the number of samples available for learning. Adjust your IOT solution based on data from machines and people, application tools.

The ability for businesses to stay agile to adapt will help in generating more revenue streams but also assisting in the agile development of new solutions and products with business and social benefit.

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