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Mobile Technologies

Mobile technology has become most prominent platform in the current age with internet penetration reaching all the remote locations of the world. Recent statics show that more than 70% of the people are using the internet on mobile platform. Businesses that wants to have a global presence are strategically making a bold move to go completely mobile to capture their customers from the largest chunk of the market. Notebookdata helps you develop your own mobile applications on all mobile technologies like windows, android and iphone. We provide complete solutions for mobile application development.

Mobile Technologies

NBD is one of the leading enterprise app development company in Coimbatore, serves in Android and iPhone based mobile app development. We offer mobile application development services for...


IPhone is one of the most popular mobile device among the consumers all over the world. Notebook Data iPhone app developers have hands-on experience in planning, building, and deploying complex applications successfully. The challenge in implementing an enterprise mobile solution is not just about finding a developer. We provide quality IOS mobile application development at the lowest price in the market. Mobile app development in Coimbatore is the booming business in software sector around Coimbatore region. We understand that only companies providing best mobile applications in reasonable price can make big out of the boom, hence we provide high end mobile application service at lowest rate. Customer satisfaction is another important issue. We make sure all our customer are satisfied to full extent for what they have paid us for their IOS and android mobile app.


A fastest growing operating system of smart phone devices has been popular with its each Update. It is absolutely vital for any business, large or small, to obtain an app to represent itself. Notebook Data have well trained workforce of developers and designers who works together for Android app development. Our Android expert team is always aware with latest changes in Android app platform. If you are looking for most creative android mobile application development in and around Coimbatore, we are the best android mobile application, Hybrid mobile applications, IOS mobile applications, Windows mobile applications, black berry mobile applications, Phone gap mobile application development company.All our mobile applications are error free , User friendly. We offer to develop android mobile application in rate cheapest you will find in Coimbatore.

Cross Platform:

PhoneGap is fantastic for developers who are interested in creating a code base which is compatible with multiple devices. Using PhoneGap developers can build applications in HTML / CSS / JavaScript, including JavaScript classes that give access to device hardware and other iOS API features like contacts, file system, camera, microphone, GPS, etc. The final application is wrapped within a platform native 'Web View' browser object, and essentially becomes a stand-alone web application with the ability to access some device-specific features.


D3.js – (or simply D3 for Data-Driven Documents) could be a JavaScript library for manufacturing dynamic, interactive knowledge visualizations in net browsers. In distinction to several alternative libraries, D3 permits in depth management over the ultimate visual result. It helps you bring knowledge to life mistreatment markup language, SVG, and CSS. Its stress on net standards provides you the complete capabilities of contemporary browsers while not fastening yourself to a proprietary framework, and combines powerful visualization elements and a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation.


Java is an object oriented programming language and J2EE is a platform independent Java centric environment with core technologies as Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and the Java Message Service (JMS). We excel in creating secure, robust and portable applications using Java technology that enables us to design and create stunning interfaces while maintaining the usability aspect as well as the user experience as the core development areas.

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