Textile ERP


Textile industry has gone through a drastic transformation in the past decade the key factor that has been significant in this is automation aimed at opertional excellence and growth through data analytics. The future of this industry is evolving rapidly.IOT based systems have become more prevalent. Notebookdata is a innovators in implementation of IOT in the textile industrie with proper research we have develop a complete automation solution, N-stitch.

N-Stitch ERP software solution central inventory
Central Inventory

N-Stitch has a full featured customizable inventory management system. That can be fully integerated and efficient for stock management...

N-Stitch ERP Software development tracking
Process Tracking

N-Stitch features a smart process tracking module based on the inventory data and order monitoring system with custom alerts...

N-stitch ERP Solution Marketing and CRM
Marketing & CRM

N-Stitch provides a holistic customer management experience with full featured and customisable marketing and CRM module with campaign support..

N-STITCH ERP Billing Software smart alerts
Smart Alerts Using IOT

N-Stitch is fully integerated IOT based automation systems that effectively communicates with all the IOT sensors, providing continuous updates and alerts for smart production management...